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10 High Converting Landing Pages Examples: Inspiration for Your Next Campaign

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In the realm of digital marketing, landing pages play a crucial role in capturing the attention of visitors and converting them into valuable leads or customers. A well-designed and optimized landing page can significantly impact your conversion rates. To help you create effective landing pages, we’ve compiled a list of 10 high-converting landing page examples. These examples will provide you with inspiration and insights into what makes a landing page successful. Let’s dive in!


Slack’s landing page is clean, visually appealing, and focused on highlighting the product’s benefits. The headline immediately captures attention and clearly communicates the value proposition. The page utilizes concise copy, compelling visuals, and a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button, leading visitors to sign up or learn more.

Slack landing page


Airbnb’s landing page design is centered around stunning imagery and a simple search form. The page conveys a sense of adventure, showcasing beautiful destinations to inspire visitors. The straightforward search form encourages users to take action and find their ideal accommodations quickly.

Airbnb landing


Dropbox’s landing page focuses on a single, clear message: simplifying file sharing. The page effectively highlights key features through concise and benefit-oriented copy. The layout is minimalistic, and the use of visual cues directs visitors’ attention to the sign-up form and the primary CTA.



Trello’s landing page adopts a conversational tone, speaking directly to the target audience’s pain points. The page highlights the product’s features and benefits using visual cues, making it easy for visitors to understand how Trello can solve their organization and project management challenges.



Unbounce’s landing page excels in its use of social proof elements. Testimonials from satisfied customers are prominently displayed, building trust and credibility. The page also includes a clear value proposition, benefit-driven copy, and a visible CTA, all contributing to its high conversion rates.



Evernote’s landing page showcases a clear and straightforward value proposition: “Remember Everything.” The page employs a compelling headline, concise copy, and engaging visuals to emphasize the benefits of using Evernote. The primary CTA stands out and prompts visitors to sign up for free.



Grammarly’s landing page skillfully addresses a common pain point: writing errors and mistakes. The page utilizes a side-by-side comparison, demonstrating the effectiveness of Grammarly in real-time. The copy highlights the benefits of error-free writing, making it hard to resist trying out the product.



HubSpot’s landing page captivates visitors with a well-crafted headline that speaks directly to their needs. The page offers a free tool to generate personalized website reports, driving engagement and capturing lead information. The clean design, benefit-focused copy, and compelling visuals all contribute to its success.



Mailchimp’s landing page utilizes a minimalistic design, featuring a vibrant color scheme and eye-catching visuals. The page emphasizes the ease of creating beautiful email campaigns and the platform’s extensive features. The CTA is prominent and invites visitors to sign up and start using the service.



Shopify’s landing page is designed to inspire entrepreneurs and promote its e-commerce platform. The page uses stunning visuals, success stories, and statistics to convey the platform’s credibility and effectiveness. The primary CTA invites visitors to start a free trial, making it easy to take the next step.



These 10 high-converting landing page examples demonstrate the importance of clear value propositions, benefit-driven copy, captivating visuals, prominent CTAs, and social proof elements. By studying and understanding the strategies employed by these successful landing pages, you can enhance your own campaigns and improve your conversion rates. Remember, optimizing landing pages is an ongoing process, so continuously test and iterate to find what works best for your specific audience and objectives. Good luck with your landing page creations!

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